Exploring Fantastic Faqra!


Lebanon’s ancient land is scattered with ancient ruins and artefacts, remnants of the country’s great history and the many civilisations that were housed on the land . In the Mount Lebanon district, sitting at the elevation of 1550 m is the city of Faqra and its beautiful temples of Faqra, also known as Qalaat Faqra. These are some amazingly well-preserved Roman ruins, including temples, columns, alters and rock cut tombs. A beautiful maze of limestone formations  on the mountain top is called the “Houses of Ghosts” and stands at the entrance of the town.

Visitors are always impressed by the stunning mountain views as well as another historic monument, the Stone Bridge, or Jisr al-Hajar, with an arch of 38 meters. But Faqra is not only a place for historic exploration; it’s also famous for its great skiing in the winter and fun and cool summer festivals that attract all the Lebanese seeking to escape the summer heat. Faqra has a little something for everyone during every season!