Enjoy What Lebanon has to Offer with Just $10 USD!

While it is true that living a life of luxury can be costly, our beautiful country of Lebanon offers many day-to-day activities that tourist and inhabitants are able to experience for little to no cost. I often hear complaints about enjoyment costing too much money…I beg to differ, there is no reason to stay at home or in your hotel room when there are many activities to do around town that won’t even put a small dent in your wallet or travel budget.

Enjoy a life of leisure in Lebanon for 10$ or less!

Never pass up a chance to see a Museum:
Lebanon proudly possesses a National Museum, although not too large in size, there are many fascinating artifacts to check out. For only a few dollars you can learn about the history of the city, the civil war and more.
AUB Museum is another you can check out for free!



Scenery is free:
There are many places to visit here in Lebanon that can take your breath away without costing you a dime…

–       Head over to Ain Mrayseh near the sea to enjoy long walks down the sea front path. It’s a great place to enjoy a morning jog or a nice stroll to the lighthouse. Benches are set up to stop and enjoy the view.

–       Gemmayzeh (picture on the right), Sodeco and more in Achrafieh. Achrafieh is my favorite place in Lebanon, it is a very busy area with non-stop action. I suggest taking a long walk around Achrafieh to enjoy some adorable old buildings, visit the always-crowded Gemmayzeh district and more. You can always stop into a pastry shop on the way and enjoy a dessert and drink for under $10 USD.

Breakfast is served:
Another thing I love about Lebanon is that you can enjoy a full breakfast for two with $10 USD. Wherever you are in Lebanon, in the mornings you can find breakfast spots that serve delicious Manousheh (pictured on the left), Lahmeh B3ajeen and more. You can sit all morning enjoying a full breakfast with juice while chatting with friends or a loved one with your pocket change.



Hamra is a must for tourists: Hamra is another busy, wealthy and entertaining street in Beirut city. You can walk the entire strip to enjoy window-shopping at the various shops in Hamra, then take your $10 USD daily budget and enjoy a light snack. If you are perusing Hamra in the daytime I suggest you stop into Bread Republic on Nehme Yafet Street, and do try their cheesecake! At night Hamra boasts many pubs to enjoy. Big Shot is a novel pub that hit Hamra Street. Its theme is Hip-Hop, so enjoy the beats of a resident DJ bumpin’ music all night long and have a drink or two! Faces and De Prague are also two places to check out on your visit to Hamra.


Sessine Square Ashrafieh:
Another perfect spot to enjoy with $10 USD is Sessine Square in Achrafieh. The popular round about features various stores, restaurants, and coffee shops to enjoy. I can literally spend a full day at Sessine and feel as if time has flown by. I suggest starting off window shopping, checking out the boutique shops, then head over to the ABC mall, and end the day at one of the numerous coffee shops that are open late. Columbiana, Costa or Starbucks all make a fine cup of java.


Lastly and one of my favorite spots is…

Zaitunay Bay: The newly revamped area Zaitunay Bay is a gorgeous area to relax and enjoy a full day. The luxurious area near the bayhosts 17 restaurants and at least 5 retail outlets. When visiting Zaitunay Bay I suggest walking around to enjoy the scenery and then unwind and spend your $10 USD budget on yummy ice cream at Haagen-Dazs! If you are watching your calories head over to Cappuccino or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a cup of coffee to complete your day.



Enjoyment in Lebanon doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg…the country is breathtaking enjoy it to the fullest!

BNLer’s feel free to share your money saving and fun ways to enjoy Beirut in a comment below!