Ehden: A Gem in the North


Ehden has long been a gem in the north of Lebanon, where hundreds of people flock to every summer. The climate is perfect; and although it is considered to be a town at 1500 m above sea level and 110 km away from Beirut, the opportunities of what you can do for entertainment are endless.

Why don’t you take a weekend off during the month of September and head up to Ehden with your family, loved one, or group of friends?

Start by booking a hotel. There is a variety of hotels to choose from; the top three being Hotel Ehden, Hotel Abchi, and the Ehden Country Club.

You can spend your afternoon by the pool while basking in the warm mountainous sun or you can rent an ATV and drive around the town or explore some rougher terrain.

For the true flavor of Ehden, enjoy a delicious Lebanese lunch in the famous Al Ferdos restaurant which is always packed with families and groups of friends from the north and all over Lebanon.  

Afternoons are very warm and breezy; it’s all about relaxation. When you’re in Ehden, keep one thing in mind: to have nothing on your mind. You leave the worries and stress of the city behind for a temporary mellow and slow-paced state of being.

As the sun sets, it’s time for dinner and yes, partying! For a good meal, head over to Escobar or La Muscade. Both restaurants serve tasty international food. Whether you’re in the mood for steak, pasta, pizza, or just a salad and an appetizer, you won’t be disappointed.
Watch out though, there is no valet parking and you are guaranteed to get stuck in traffic so leave your hotel early to avoid the crowd and mostly importantly, to find a parking space! Don’t forget to bring a sweater with you as it gets chilly at night.

If your party mode is on, you can choose between Ocean and Label. Both clubs play commercial and dance floor hits followed by a One Man Show till the wee hours of the morning. Be warned that the party in Ehden doesn’t end before 5 am, so wear your most comfortable shoes.

Once the party’s over, it’s traditional to head over to Al Midan which is always packed after hours. The entire Ehden experience wouldn’t be complete without ordering some delicious Sahlab, and yes, devouring it at 5 am! Not in the mood for Sahlab? Try some ice cream or Knefé instead. Not hungry? Order a hookah! Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, you must make a stop at Al Midan to get the full Ehden experience. If you’re confused about where to sit, try Café Najjar for their delicious chocolate fudge cake or Fouad el Jer Douaihy for any sweet tooth craving you may have, or Gipsy for food in general.  

Keep a camera with you for when you go sight-seeing. If you enjoy photography, you will find a lot of material and subjects in Ehden. Also, if you drive away from the populated area, you will discover wonderful zen scenery.

Make sure to pack comfortable and casual clothing with a sweater for the nighttime. There’s no need for fancy attire.

Last but not least, don’t forget to try the Kibbeh (and you can thank me later).

Lebanon may be a small country, but it has precious treats hidden in every corner. Taking a day or a weekend off from the city for some internal tourism is the best way to discover, love, and appreciate our 10,452 km2.

If you’ve been to Ehden, let us know what you enjoyed doing up there.

Stay posted for next week’s recommendation!