Discover Quiet Jouret el Ballout


Just up the mountain from Beirut is a small village called Jouret el ballout. It’s located in the Metn area, close to Broumana, Roumieh, Kenabet Broumana, and just below Baabdat. The area is quiet and serene, stunning views of Beirut and its suburbs, as well as the sea. It’s name means “Pit of Acorns” as there are many tall oak trees (on which acorns grow) in the area, and its location is in a shallow bend or pit between the mountains. Close by, remains of several stone and earthen sarcophagi have been found there and it’s known for archeological finds like remains of an old fortress, and some Phoenicians and Romanian tombs and wood blast furnaces dating to the Phoenician era. We took a quick trip to the town and recommend you see it for yourself. Here are the photos: