Deir el Qamar: Take a Trip to the Past

Now that the temperature has dropped in our lovely Mediterranean climate, what better activity to do than a nice long road trip to one of Lebanon’s beautiful cities? This week we’ll be highlighting Deir el Qamar, five kilometers away from our national pride, Beiteddine.  After spending a couple of hours in the charming village of Deir el Qamar, enjoying the beautiful and authentic architecture of old stone houses and red-tiled roofs, you will feel connected to an old Lebanon filled with culture, charm and heritage. After that you can visit the Moussa Fortress, which was built by brick by brick by the hands of Moussa Al Maamari. Once inside, you can marvel at the jewelry collection, gun collection, wax figures and other beautiful items all collected and displayed in this magical fortress. A charming old man inside will serve you coffee in a traditional setting while singing for you and your friends. After you’re done with the fortress, drive to the Beiteddine palace which will be the highlight of your trip. Every time I visit this place I am in awe at how magnificent it is. Built under the supervision of Emir Bashir Chehab II, the best architects were hired to create this structure which is a cross between traditional Arab and Italian Baroque. The artifacts on display inside are from different periods, including the Ottoman rule, and is very reminiscent of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Once you’re done with exploring the different corners of Beiteddine, enjoy a simple Lebanese lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the palace. If you wish to sleep in this area, why not check out the luxurious Mir Amin Palace for a unique experience that you simply can’t miss out on. This road trip is the perfect getaway for a group of friends or for you and your family members to indulge in Lebanese history, especially in the cool and sunny autumn season.