Deir Al Qamar: The City of Emirs


The Monastery of the Moon, the City of Emirs, the house of Lebanon Governors, and the first Lebanese Capital. Deir Al Qamar, a well-preserved historical location in Lebanon, is one of the most famous towns in Lebanon due to its rich background in the books of Lebanese history.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where it does not only preserves its grand feudal architecture, but its old stepped streets walled gardens and picturesque corners as well.

The most famous remains in Deir Al Qamar is the mosque of Emir Fakhr Eddine and the castle of Emir Melhem Shehab. Other amazing sites include the palace of a former Ottoman governor, a restored silk souk where rows of arched alcoves once sheltered merchants, a wax museum featuring historic figures in realistic settings, a late 16th century emir’s palace, and many homes with two arched windows typical of the region.

If history and tradition was to be deposited in a bank, Deir Al Qamar would be the perfect bank of Lebanese history.