BNL Tours Gemmayze’s Hot Spots

There is a zone in Lebanon that is known by all inhabitants who enjoy nightlife and leisure. The name Gemmayze is synonymous to a great time. BNL recently hit the streets of Gemmayze to start the winter season off right. Come along with us while we visit our favorite hangout spots. Ignite your night at Gemmayze!

If I had to choose, I would say El Gardel is my preferred location in Gemmayze. The atmosphere and décor gives you a sense of being in Argentina. On Wednesday nights the bar upstairs is packed full of armature and professional dancers who come to enjoy the Salsa themed night. Thursday is dedicated to French music, while on weekends El Gardel guests party to bangin’ DJ sets. The wait staff is friendly and always around to take your order. The plus is El Gardel is not just a pub, located upstairs is their Class “A” Argentinian themed steak house. The restaurant is tranquil and undisturbed by the nightlife below. Authentic Argentinian chef Jose Alfaro prepares his delicacies over a charcoal flamed grill incased by glass walls. Feel free to view your dish while it is being prepared. To compliment dinner choose from an array of wines from places such as Angentia, France, Italy and more.

(photo at El Gardel)

Allow me to share some insider info. Next year El Gardel will expand, opening an upstairs terrace located above the restaurant. My hat is off to General Manager Karim Naoum, El Gardel is a great place!

A special thanks to Joseph Aoun, for showing us around El Gardel.
“Gemmayze is fun because minimum you have a ton of places around to visit. It’s a perfect spot for tourist to enjoy. Our place is great for a 21+ crowd”Joseph Aoun management at El Gardel

(Photo at El Gardel)

I LOVE BARBU! Music fans Barbu is more then perfect for you. The classic rock and alternative themed pub is a place to chill out, drink, enjoy music and most of all feel at home. Bar manager Yorgo Maalouf explains, “Barbu gives off a non commercial vibe. Our customers become our friends”. Yorgo plays a mix off classic rock, alternative, reggae and more. Because Barbu is so in touch with their guests they gladly accept music requests. Yorgo is known not to turn down guests who have brought in a CD or two to play over the speakers. All and all there’s a rockin’ and friendly atmosphere over at Barbu.

(Photo at Barbu)

The Angry Monkey is literally packed every time I pass by. That alone says something about the place. The bar is located at the “Alleyway” in Gemmayze, which separates itself from other pubs on the strip. It has an amazing unmatched concept created by Les Enfants Terribles. Because of it’s popularity The Angry Monkey is a great place to meet people. A few aspects that set this bar apart are; the fully wooden bar which literally is set ablaze throughout the night and the humongous industrial fan that keeps air circulating through the place. Every time you hear the bell ring, race over to the bar for $2 shots. The Angry Monkey often has bands performing or comedy acts entertaining the crowd, so be sure to check their schedule. “Alleyway” founders Ziad Kamel and Patrick Cochrane have really created something cool within Gemmayze.

 (Photo at The Angry Monkey)

Marwa Katurji, manager of The Angry Monkey and Gauche Caviar has this to say about The Angry Monkey, “We are part of the Alleyway which is basically a separate section in Gemmayze. The Alleyway includes bars, Union boutique for shopping, Bistro restaurant, a tannin place and more. It’s a nice getaway from busy streets, and at night our places conquer. The Alleyway has everything, I actually even live in the Alleyway above Union”.

(Photo at The Angry Monkey)

A place that is quite a gem in Gemmayze is also named Gem. I describe Gem as old traditional Lebanese houses transformed into a happening super pub. Gem supplies great food, entertaining DJ’s, a full bar of perfect mixed cocktails and more. The huge pub is great for private parties or special events.

(Photo at Gem)

Outlet Manager Moe Chaaban speaks to me about Gem, “I liked this place long before I worked here. At Gem you can feel at home. As for Gemmayze I love how it gives an old town feel, almost like you are in a village. It’s the best winter spot. Take the summer rooftops and close the roof, that is the vibe here.”

Look out for big events happening this coming season at Gem.

(Photo at Gem)

The Venue is one of the few places in Gemmayze that isn’t tiny. While most pubs can barely fit a bar the Venue almost seems like a big club. The old architecture mixed with the new club décor blends together well. Two full bars, tables, and couches set up for big groups, assure maximum relaxation and best of all room to party!  Behind the bar bottles of almost every alcohol you can think of are displayed while art hangs on the walls throughout the hot spot. The Venue is definitely a place to check out with a group of friends.

(Photo at Venue)