The Ancient Ruins of Anater Zbeideh Roman Aqueduct


Looking for a new and different historical site to visit in Lebanon? Located in the valley between the Mansourieh and Hazmieh areas in the suburbs of Beirut is an underrated archeological treasure, Anater Zbeideh or Kanater Zbeideh. The remnants of an ancient Roman aqueduct over the Beirut river are very well preserved, and stand beautifully in the relatively quiet valley, especially considering its location amid well populated suburbs so close to the capitol. The place is named after its builder, Zbeideh, Zeinab, or Zanoubia, the famous queen of Palmyra. These remains of ancient Roman arcades and pillars are a great place to visit for genuine Lebanese heritage that is also “off the beaten path” and not as typical as the standard historic sites we all know already. Explore our photos of Anater Zbeideh below: