A Trip into the veins of Lebanon

Fellow Lebanese, Expatriates and Tourist in our beloved country, have you taken a walk in the lovely streets of Lebanon? A walk in Beirut city and not a drive. And have you taken a drive in the magical Bekaa valley? A drive and not a flight. And have you flown over the cliffs of Sannine, Tannourine, and Faraya?

If you haven’t it is guaranteed that after reading this article you would start right away. So beware people if you cannot afford a drive in the lovely streets of Beirut city, and a flight over the lovely mountains of Sannine, Tannourine and Faraya, then this article is nothing but a tease.

Let’s start by the exquisite taste of Beirut city. As you are walking down the streets of Beirut city you will be hit by a the taste of the traditional monuments, buildings, and of course the modernity for those who prefer modern taste and it just comes down your throat so nice and tasty that a scoop is never enough. The buildings themselves are the trip, an endless trip that takes you from one destination to another. They are so nice that your eyes would be screaming out “more buildings” “mooooooooooore” and you don’t want to hurt your eyes leaving them empty and restless now do you?

Feeding your eyes, and it is a shame not to feed your hunger. Downtown has been custom made for you to come and take a walk, and enjoy this stroll, feeling you are in the “champs elysee” but eating in any country. Roads of Paris, food from China or Japan, and the Lebanese cuisine of course, you are guaranteed to pick any place in the world and have its special food, with a free ticket that Lebanon offers you, how can you turn that offer down? Can you!!???

Don’t get too comfortable now, for we are taking a drive to the lovely Bekaa Valley. Start your engines people flowers are blossoming, trees are growing, the wind is blowing and you are missing out on the beauty of nature. Can’t you hear your lovely hair calling to fly in the fresh fresh air? And can’t you hear your ears crying for a bit of peace and serenity away from the noise of high heels and label shopping? Your inner self calling for some natural nature?

As you are taking a drive in the Bekaa valley you will not only see the green lovely field blossoming with blossoming flowers, in addition to the agriculture that is taken care of in such a perfect way. You can see the growing cucumber standing there with poise and elegance needless of string to straighten it out, the plants there are just natural if you know what I mean. Here comes the biggest surprise, slow down, change gears, put the flasher on for something is about to flash you. Reindeers! And yes they exist. These lovely creatures that are considered extinct from the world, only a few have remained, and a few of these few have picked Lebanon as their world, West Bekaa as their home and you are welcome to pay them a visit whenever you want. Discussing the beauty of the nature of the Bekaa valley and its residence this article will turn into book. The only way to discover the truth of its beauty is by actually going there, or maybe I will write a book about the lovely Bekaa Valley, but can you wait to know what lies behind the veil of our beauty? Can you wait to see the rest of the face when there is such beautiful natural colored eyes exposed? Aren’t they the greatest seduction?

After seeing the face of the bekaa valley, fly over the curves of Lebanon. Sannine, Tannourine, and Faraya. Non fat, pure natural, the curves are just bewildering. Not to mention the water that takes you to the 18th century where bottles and cups did not exist in the presence of the lovely stream that runs down your spine with its tickling cold temperature.

Batroun, Zgharta, Ehden, Jounieh, Kfarhiem, Jahlieyeh, Barouk, Sidon, Tyre and the list goes on, beauty in the form of cities. Simple ideas from human transformed into a divine location in Lebanon.

Get some sleep for this flight is rather long, much longer than the article. And prepare yourself for the true beauty of Lebanon for it is much prettier than what words have to offer us.


By Noor Harb