Who’s got the best bum in showbiz?

Hide the chairs, burn the sofas, destroy the beanbags: we’re launching a campaign to forbid this lot to sit down ever again.

There’s only one thing we love more than a cracking pair of celebrity boobs and it’s a ‘you know you want to have a grab of this’ hearty sized celebrity bottom!

From small, pert ones to bottoms you can stack a full set of Cath Kidston trays on, A list behinds come in a wonderful range of shapes and sizes.

And given each rear’s individuality and perfection (based on the fact that most stars have at least three people dedicated to the sculpting of their rump), it would be impossible to choose our favourite set of famous buttocks.

So what other option do we have than to bring you a whole selection of the best botts in showbiz? That’s right, feast your eyes on the best booties the showbiz industry has to offer.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk