The Beirut Creative Cluster is Born!


The Beirut Creative Cluster officially launched on April 2 with the “Creative Upload Party (CUP 1.0)” at Playroom Nahr el-Mot. Gathering people in the fields of production, media and design, as well as banks and universities, the launching event featured speeches by Minister of Telecommunications, Mr. Nicolas Sehnaoui as well as Mr. Salim Tannous, the director of the BCC, and several others. Guests got to mingle over delicious bites and drinks, while listening to live musical performances by The Freerolls featuring Cheryl Khairallah in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The Beirut Creative Cluster is a platform for innovation in Lebanon, established with Berytech and the support of the EU with 35 companies. It aims to encourage Lebanese companies to collaborate, innovate, share and exchange knowledge, therefore promoting and enhancing partnerships. The initiative is a platform for collaboration among stakeholders of the same sectors to increase productivity and achieve the benefits of a large scale economy, without sacrificing competition. Through the BCC various industry professionals aim to improve and advance Lebanese cultural and creative products and services by increasing training sessions and workshops, hosting international guests and presenting in international events.

BCC also aims to promote the development of digital content and Lebanese creative products and services on the local, regional and international markets. It also contributes to the development of vocational training in all creative industries, and encourages research and business development as it supports the creation of new jobs in the sector.