the Amethyst Lounge: A Breathtaking Venue

Phoenicia Hotel Beirut has long been known for its variety of stylish and tasteful venues that attract people from all around the country and abroad. The Amethyste lounge, open during warmer seasons, is nothing less than breathtaking. Set by the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool, it is a fresh, sensual, and stylish lounge with white drapes splashed with purple lighting, comfortable white cushions and sofas, and a very charming dining area.

Its bar area overlooks the sea, so you can enjoy some mind-freeing chill out music while you take in the beautiful view of the sea, city, or venue itself. Its décor is very reminiscent of Greek gods and goddesses with the majestic pillars, the elegant floor tiles, and the grandiose fountains. You can also feel its oriental twist with the little details such as the lamps and candles. The lighting sets the perfect mood and blends perfectly with the music. All elements come together harmoniously to create the ideal sensual ambiance of the lounge experience.

All in all, Amethyste is hands down one of the most beautiful venues in the country; it stands out above all others in its category in terms of ambiance, music, service, and décor. It is an ideal venue for dinner, drinks, a fun night with friends, or a relaxing evening to end the day.