Taxi Dining Station-That’s my stop!

After much awaited anticipation, Taxi Dining Station has finally arrived, parked and ready to serve you in Borj El Ghazal – Tabaris, Ashrafieh.

Although characterized as an enhanced American diner, Taxi is 100% purely Lebanese, withholding a unique concept and identity. The diner’s interior bestows modernity and comfort with reliance upon technology, exquisite food experience, and an atmosphere filled with entertainment and education.
Composed of three floors, each floor embraces a different personality which accommodates to all needs and desires; a cinema station which offers a monthly schedule that showcases the best of all movie genres and blockbusters; a multimedia kids corner equipped with state of the art technologies by which education and entertainment are guaranteed for all kids between the ages of 1 to 12 years; and of course a separate dining area by which a variety of delicious meals are served to savor every taste bud, not to mention a full service bar that offers all kinds of fresh fruit cocktails, multi-flavored shakes, and drinks.  With over 45 LCD screen place in the outlet, Taxi Dining Station is equipped to host the biggest sports events of the year.
With a terrace scheduled to open in the spring via the Ashrafieh outlet, let alone more branches to open in key locations in the capital of Beirut City.