Skoun at Skybar

Skoun Lebanese Addictions Center welcomed at Sky Bar a crowd of its friends and supporters. Joining up with Skoun to host a prestigious one-night party of celebrating life and entertainment, Sky Bar put on its usual breathtaking show of fire, lights, and dancing with super music. All proceeds of the night’s festivities went to Skoun for the funding of its activities.

Founded 7 years ago, Skoun is an NGO that has managed to help more than 620 people combat substance abuse and has provided preventive drug education to thousands of Lebanese youth. The center has established outpatient treatment as a standard care practice.

Skoun succeeded in expressing enthusiastic support for the center’s mission to educate the public about the social, physical, and psychological dangers of drug addiction, with an aim to prevent drug dependency and treat current drug users in search of help with dignity and respect.
Sky Bar has paved the way as an exceptional example of Corporate Social Responsibility and the role that business leaders can play in making a positive impact on their society. Lebanon and the region’s most successful club lend its popularity to giving back to Lebanon, showing the great impact that the private sector can make. The amazing Sky Bar team is made up of individuals who really care.

“The turnout that we saw for this event proves that our community cares about these issues and realizes their importance; there is a level of interest and concern here that we want to build on in our communities, to increase awareness of these problems,” said Nadya Mikdashi, Skoun Executive Director and Co-founder. “It is only by working together that we can continue to bring life, health, and hope to people who come to Skoun wanting to make positive change in their lives and their families, and we thank everyone who came out tonight for demonstrating their support for this initiative.”