éCafé Eddé Yard: Simplicity, Comfort and Delicious Gourmet Food

Located in the charming and authentic Byblos Souk, éCafé Eddé Yard was the first restaurant to open in that area in 2004 as part of the “Byblos Destination” campaign. It has ever since been a destination for food lovers all around the country, targeting tourists who are visiting the Byblos fort, port, or any other of the marvels of this ancient city. Within the Souk, as you stroll though Eddé Yard you cannot escape the delicious aroma of meat on the live grill right outside éCafé, beckoning you to stop and have a bite.

Whoever has been to Byblos cannot deny the charm and beauty of the city, and éCafé captures the very essence of its surroundings and the result is a charming, cozy, venue that feels like a cottage in the countryside or a small section of an old castle. Its honey-colored stone walls mesh perfectly with the spirit of the Souk around it, and create an aura of comfort and hominess. You can find fresh flowers on every table, signifying the freshness and simplicity of this venue. The indoor area can seat up to 40 to 50 people, and the outdoor can seat 60 people. The outdoor area opens throughout the warm seasons and is always packed during the summer; it is in my opinion one of the best places to dine during the summer season.
The owners, Roger Eddé and his wife Alice have worked hard on reviving the Byblos spirit and reflecting it in their Eddé Yard venues. Bassam Sakr, whose heart and soul have been in Eddé Yard since day one, has made sure to maintain the simplicity of éCafé’s menu and the freshness of its food. You can almost always find him there, observing every detail from underneath his large hat.

Upon being seated, the first thing I noticed was the fuchsia menu that featured a couple of pages of hand written entrées and platters. I loved how simple, specialized, and personal the menu felt. Specializing in French cuisine, the menu featured only a few items that any food lover would be sure to love. The items are few, typical of a French restaurant, but the portions are quite good.
Before you begin you meal, you are served some fresh bread with a delicious olive oil and basil dip. If you are going for a quick snack while you are sight-seeing, I suggest you order the Croque-Monsieur and glass of éCafé’s famous frozen lemonade. Whereas if you are going for a full-on meal, I suggest you start with the delicious entrées. I personally loved the Foie Gras (off the menu), accompanied with grapes and strawberries; you will notice that the Foie Gras itself is freshly prepared.  You cannot miss out on the Cassoulette d’Escargot which was mouthwateringly superb and prepared to perfection in its aromatic butter sauce. Another item on the entrée menu that is essential to try is the Crevette Gratinée covered with cheese and grain mustard; the combination of ingredients, although simple, is delectable. The best main platter you could order at éCafé is its Filet de Boeuf, which is also one of the reasons my friends and I keep returning. It comes with a side of delicious pomme de terre fricassee and a fresh green salad. Not only is the beef imported and absolutely succulent and delicious, but it is also at a most affordable price (24 USD). Dessert time is the best part, especially with éCafé’s specialty, Gauffres au Chocolat. Waffles dipped in warm dark chocolate couldn’t possibly be more delicious than they are here; and once you start, you will not be able to stop until you have wiped the plate clean. After enjoying a nice bottle of red wine with your meal, ask for a shot of Calvados as your digestif and your dining experience will be complete.

The staff was very friendly, trained, and can recommend items from the menu. There was no delay in our order and the overall impression of the place was great.

éCafé is a perfect venue for any time of the day, year, or for any occasion. When you are taking a stroll though the Souk with some friends, or looking for a romantic dinner, or a family gathering, you will be sure to love and appreciate this intimate French bistro that is definitely one of its kind in Lebanon. You can dress up or dress down, as long as you are wearing comfortable walking shoes.

The price per person, including drinks is approximately 50 USD.

Rating: 5/5

For reservation:  +961 9 542 224

If you have been to éCafé Eddé Yard, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and you think the venue can improve.