Samsung’s SuperBright LED Screen Notebook Launches in Lebanon

Cherfan Tawil & Co, official distributor for Samsung products in Lebanon, announced the launching of Amor Notebook Series 9 at Phoenicia Hotel in the presence of the media who had the chance to learn more about the most innovative and advanced technology in Notebooks.

Samsung Notebook 900X3A is significant for its outstanding high-performance yet lightweight and slim design made by specialized Duralumin and its SuperBright Plus LED Screen that delivers 16 million colors and market-leading 400 nit viewing brightness that is 100% brighter than a normal 13” notebook.

SuperBright Plus LED Screen

Amor 9003XA is unique with its vivid SuperBright Plus LED Screen because it makes it possible for the user to enjoy, even in the sun, 16 million colors and 400 nit brightness of HD movies, games, and favorite multimedia. The screen comforts the user at all times by preventing the annoying reflections that tire the eyes. Additionally, this notebook automatically adjusts its Display Brightness for optimized viewing that matches the environment. The Super Contrast ratio (1,300:1) allows pictures of high-energy, action-packed sequences to angelic scenes that enrich the soul to become true life-to-life picture. With a picture quality of 100% brighter than a standard 13” notebook, the SuperBright Plus LED screen will become your favorite travel companion.

High Performance, Less Energy

Samsung 9003XA has an eco-innovative 128/256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) that boost 60% faster than a typical Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SSD reduces energy by a remarkable 86%. Therefore, significantly lowering operation and maintenance costs, this is why they are the market leaders in green memory technology. Microsoft Velocity Test Suite results show that 9003XA boots up in 15 seconds and 3 second fast Start from Sleep which makes it ready to use in minimal time. While Amor 9003XA is in its advanced sleep mode, the user can rest assured that their content would always be safe with the Auto Data saving function. The slim and stylish Intel® CPU boosts performance to handle more demanding tasks with 8GB memory and improves visual experience by 30% by packing loads of power in the Intel® HD Graphics 3000. Samsung guarantees twice the graphics performance of the previous generation.

The Lithium-Polymer power efficient performance and extensive battery that lasts 7 hours provides 500mW of power saving for longer life, ensuring plenty of time to get things accomplished and be entertained without adding stress and worrying about how much battery life there is left.


Slim and Stylish with Superior Touch Controls

Samsung 9003XA’s stunning slim and aerodynamic design with flowing curves features the premium and specialized Duralumin, which is the same material used to build military aircrafts and other highly-specialized equipment. Duralumin offers twice the strength of aluminum despite being light in weight, this gives it premium finishes and a lightweight arching curved design that is beautiful from every angle. Another stylish feature is the back-lit keyboard that is always easy to see regardless of the environment and edge-to-edge LCD design for visual impact.

Additionally, Samsung’s new multi-touch clickpad is stylish and convenient. It features a new glass coating and image sensor whereby users can enjoy an enhanced multi-touch awareness and better palm rejection. Samsung guarantees that no more cursors will mysteriously disappear or frustratingly jump from one place to another. The new intelligent multi-touch gesture pad which is now centered for usability features 21 types of gesture support (such as pinch, swipe, and rotate) with advanced 3D image sensing for sophisticated and intuitive navigation.

Mini Features

*Samsung 9003XA has upgraded the joy of the transfer of media and other data between electronic devices with Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed delivering higher data transmission speeds (24 Mbps), 8 times faster that Bluetooth 2.1 (3 Mbps) and enhances power control for extended battery life.

*With Samsung 9003XA, you can now merge your PC and Smartphone functions for better results. You can access the internet on your PC using your Smartphone’s 3G network when Wi-Fi is available, and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi using your PC as an Access Point!

*Find and connect to Wi-Fi in blazing speeds with Samsung’s “Always On” Feature. This device has enables automatic detection, listing and connection to available Wi-Fi signals. Going online is now easier and faster than before!

*With the SRS Premium Sound™, you have a wider ‘sweet spot’ that delivers natural and realistic 3D sound for music, movies and games. It provides enhances bass, crystal clear dialogue and better definition control for maximum clarity at high frequency.

“Samsung is proud to present the smartest technology in the market today, the Amor Notebook. This new revolutionary laptop includes high performance, high definition and high battery life span while still preserving an ingenious beautiful and unique design; maintaining Samsung’s known reputation of mixing unprecedented advanced technology with style and glamour.” said Mr. Sangsuk Roh – president of Samsung electronics Levant.

Eddy Cherfan – CEO of CTC added: “The Lebanese community is known for their multi-tasking abilities need for products that are fast as well as energy saving. Whether it’s a High-Definition game, a quick e-mail check, or the perfect viewing experience, Samsung 9003XA has it all. The rapid booting-up of the system and its ability to grasp many applications running for a long period of time help the consumer feel better while looking at the screen that gives them 16 million colors with 400 nit brightness. The SuperBright LED Screen allows the consumer to look at the screen without harming the eyes and with the Auto Adjust option, whereby the screen will change the brightness settings accordingly.”