MBCo is a ‘Quick Casual Dining’ concept now in Lebanon


Originally founded in Montreal Canada, MBCo is a ‘Quick Casual Dining’ concept, designed by Peter Morentzos, centered around hand-carved sandwiches, freshly baked bread, gourmet salads, delectable desserts and those hard to find lifestyle products not available in traditional eateries, not to mention our rich menus, all within a value driven range of prices. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon and evening delights are available for enjoyment on site, or to be taken away.

Thanks to D’s Holding whose confidence in Lebanon has never failed and who allowed MBCo to open in Lebanon, they gave us the opportunity to get to know this famous Canadian and international chain.

MBCo offers the most supreme catering service, all of which is beautifully prepared and delivered. Selections can be made from our menu of classic specialties or a personalized menu can be created to suit the taste and imagination on any occasion.

Moreover, MBCo clients can purchase unique merchandise and rare impulse items that are rarely found in any other concept of its kind.

MBCo has already opened its first branch in Lebanon in Blueberry Square, Dbayeh Seaside. As you know Dbayeh area has become an attractive location where connoisseurs and gourmets meet.

MBCo hopes you will enjoy its modern brasserie concept, the first brasserie of its kind to open in Lebanon and more MBCo brasseries will be launched soon on the Lebanese territory.

Let us begin the adventure…the sooner, the better.