Maki: Beirut’s Newest Sushi Place

Well lit yet cold; cavernous yet comfortable; at first glance, the eye does not know what to make of the spacious interior, stone walled chamber of Beirut’s newest sushi house. Yet there’s something to its ambiance, something that draws you in, like a softly whispered secret.

Maki is the newest in Beirut’s long and flourishing sushi love affair, a Japanese fusion restaurant catering to high-end eaters. With freshest quality of foods favoring special and exotic ingredients, Maki makes a real stab at bringing its customers the genuine article. Yet, as with all successful sushi restaurants, the real key to Maki’s success is its preparation. Whether you are a true lover of traditional Japanese food, such as Udon, Sukiyaki, or if you have no idea what those are, and prefer something cooked, such as teppanyaki, tempura, and vegetable fried rice, or are a lover of diverse types of maki’s, Maki has the largest variety of food choices.

Customers select from a massive itinerary of Japanese specialties, such as the Oliver salad, and some without raw fish, such as the famous crispy salad, with its unique spiciness that will make your tongue squeal with delight. For chicken lovers, there are over five different plates that serve chicken, and for meat starters there is the negimayaki, flavorful with crunchy spring onion. As for teppanyaki, the Angus beef literally tastes like its melting in your mouth, and the lobster drowning in its creamy sauce is exquisite.

Besides the fact that Maki holds traditional Japanese food as well as fusions and cooked foods, Maki is known for its eccentric and crazy maki’s, of which there are a bounteous number, over 100; dissimilar ones, all with their own distinctive flavor and with special ingredients. True to the restaurant’s name whatever you like in a maki, you are guaranteed to find it.