La Cave de Joël Robuchon introduces Bargylus Red Wine 2009


A truly inspirational evening of wine tasting was held at La cave de Joël Robuchon – The Wine Library in Beirut Souks, on Thursday, June 6, 2013 from 18:00 to 20:00. Incorporating yet another exquisite item to their preexisting collection, Bargylus Red Wine 2009, a vintage produced by The Johnny R.Saadé family.

Inspired by their father who was passionate about wine, Karim & Sandro Saade started their adventure. “We are going to do it right here in our own country” say Saadé brothers. They revived the vineyard that was planted by the Romans 2000 years ago, in Syria and, “The Promised Land” of the Lebanese vineyard, Bekaa valley.

The Bargylus Reds strike a perfect balance of strength, finesse and elegance, allying a floral and spicy nose with a fine, close-grained texture and expressive purity of fruit, which will be added to the finest wine collection of La Cave de Joël Robuchon, where wine lovers can experience real indulgence.

The guests experienced a journey of senses at the premises of La Cave de Joël Robuchon, part of a concept store based in Paris. The boutique is the creation of Joël Robuchon, one of the most esteemed chefs in France and includes a fine selection of wines pre-approved by Robuchon himself.

Through a partnership with fawaz Holding, this concept store, which has long been synonymous with outstanding value and quality of wines selection, was developed within the same spirit in Beirut.

Not only did the evening allow guests to sample superb wine, but they also had the opportunity to mingle with La Cave de Joël Robuchon team and Saade Brothers and share their common passion to wine.