Her Name Was Lola! She Was a Cheese and Charcuterie Lover!

Welcome to Lola! A few minutes above the mountain city of Bikfaya in the town of Naas, Lola is a little paradise surrounded by freshly-fallen snow, sweet smelling trees and astounding views. Inside, Lola is a warm and cozy haven of wood, stone, fire and luxury. And now on Wednesday nights the lovely restaurant is offering something truly unique to the Lebanese public. A cheese and charcuterie night is not unique, you might think. But that could only be if you  haven’t tried it yet!

Organized by Etablissments Antoine Massoud SAL, the evening is an exceptional discovery of an exclusive and delicious range of top-of-the-line cheeses and cold cuts: hard cheeses, Italian DOP cheeses, cured and smoked meats, all made by renowned Italian producers such as Levoni, Beppino Occelli, Luigi Guffanti, among others. Last Wednesday guests enjoyed a warm, luxurious and cheesy evening with the best food, wonderful company and breathtaking surroundings. One may have to go to great heights to reach Lola, but it’s undoubtedly worth the trip. Lola and all her goodies await you next Wednesday!