A Glamorous Wine Tasting Party with RIEDEL and Solea V

Those who know that there’s an art to drinking wine will certainly savor it, and knowing how to practice that skill makes a wine lover out of anyone. In case you’ve ever wondered why your favorite bottle of wine doesn’t always taste the same, you’re about to find out why.

Wine sommeliers can all agree that each wine should be served and drank differently, and one of the main factors to getting the right taste and aroma is the choice of glass.

This is where RIEDEL comes in, an Austrian wine glass producer since 1756, combining years of expertise and a team of professionals to provide wine connoisseurs with the best of what each cru has to offer. Everything is taken into consideration; from the nature of the crystal glass to the length of the stem and width of the base, as well as the shape, size and rim diameter of the bowl, to ensure that the oenophile’s pleasure is enhanced. Serving wine in the right RIEDEL glass guarantees that you will enjoy the bouquet, texture, flavor and finish to the maximum.

To prove their products’ efficiency, RIEDEL held a wine-tasting session hosted by SOLEA V, a stylish events venue in Sin el Fil with a raw, industrial look. As we tasted four types of wines from Argentina and France in four different glasses, a RIEDEL representative demonstrated to us how each grape variety tastes different in every glass, proving that each vintage has its ideal type of glass.

We noticed how the Sauvignon blanc tastes better in a smaller glass with a narrower bowl and rim while the Chardonnay requires a glass with a rounder bowl and a wider rim. The Pinot Noir tastes best when served in glass with a wide bowl but a tight rim, allowing the aroma to circulate without escaping too much. On the other hand, the full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon is best served in a big glass with a narrower bowl and a wider rim, allowing the release of the rich aroma.

Leaving no room for skepticism, RIEDEL made believers out of all of us. I for one will make sure to keep an eye out for which glass I’ll be drinking my wine from.
Since this process may be very time and money-consuming, there is in fact one RIEDEL glass that could work for all types of wines: the OUVERTURE Magnum or the Riesling Grand Cru/Chianti Classico.

For more information on RIEDEL’s wide selection of glasses that fit any budget, please visit their website at riedel.com

After the educational wine-tasting event, invitees got to enjoy an extensive buffet of finger food, live grilled burgers and delicious risotto as well as several types of desserts and a cotton candy station, all prepared by Cat & Mouth Catering.

Adorned with roses, the elegant dining area began emptying out as everyone moved towards the cozy lounge area and the spacious bar. The music pumped louder as the DJ got the crowd ready for a fun night of socializing, drinking and dancing. Whether it’s the chic décor, the charming chandeliers, or the pretty lighting, all elements worked together harmoniously to set the mood for a lavish and enjoyable evening.

As we left, we could all agree on two things: we definitely need to update our wine glass sets, and Solea V sure knows how to throw a fabulous party!

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Below are some photos for a glimpse of the evening.