éCafé: Enjoy a Taste of Paris in Sursock

Being quite the fan of éCafé Byblos, I did not know what to expect of the newly opened éCafé Sursock. éCafé Byblos’s loyal clientele living in Beirut, simply could not drive all the way to Byblos as much as they’d like to, so the same people that brought us éCafé Byblos opened another éCafé that is more convenient for Beirut residents.
Amid the traffic and bustle of Ashrafieh lies a very green and charming area called Sursock, known for its beautiful museum and upscale buildings. On a charming little road in Sursock, you can find éCafé that has only been open for the past three months, yet has already won its fair share of appreciative clientele.
Being a fan of éCafé Byblos myself, I did not know what to expect of the newly opened éCafé in Sursock, but I was definitely intrigued to find out and let you know.

To any of you who have been to éCafé Byblos and loved it, I must admit this is a different dining experience altogether; the slick, fresh, and modern décor and the well lit spacious indoor setting  that seats 80 people including the cozy terrace. Although éCafé Sursock is definitely more sophisticated, it still maintains the simplicity in its furnishings. Its menu features a wide selection of delicious French cuisine that contains more variety than that of éCafé Byblos, so don’t be fooled by the name “café” because this is a great restaurant for a dinner with friends; granted that you order some its delicious platters. To complete its fine ambiance, a pianist plays lovely music every night of the week except for Fridays, when a jazz musician takes his place to play soulful sounds all night long.

The staff is very professional, well-trained, and fluent in three languages; so you’ll have no problem allowing your server to help you in choosing your order. We were served on time and I enjoyed the good portions that are much bigger than other French restaurants. Although I tried several dishes while having dinner at éCafé Sursock, there are a few that I simply must recommend to any of you who will be dining there anytime soon. Starting with the entrées and salads, you simply must try the Carpaccio de Poisson which is very fresh and deliciously marinated. The Salade de Crabe Frais is always a “must-have” any time I am dining out, and I was pleased with its refreshing taste and flavor. The star of the evening was definitely the Ceviche de Poissons Frais that I simply couldn’t get enough of – I savored every bite and wished for it not to finish; next time I will order three of this just for myself! Moving on to the main dish, I suggest you try something from the chef’s grill since it has long been a specialty of éCafé. The Filet de Veau de Lait is definitely something you should try (medium-rare with mustard sauce) and enjoy the succulence of this very tender meat straight from the grill. For the dessert, you must have the Cheesecake Glacées and I guarantee that you’ll thank me for this suggestion later. It is a cheesecake ice cream with fresh strawberries that will make your mouth water with every bite – I won’t blame you if you order a second serving!

éCafé Sursock is a great choice for dinner out with friends, so put on your trendiest shoes and coat, call up a few friends and try out Beirut’s new “very Parisian” venue.

The price per person including drinks is around 60 USD.

Rating: 4/5

For reservation:  +961 1 333 240

If you have been to éCafé Sursock, please leave a comment on the page, letting us know how your experience was and you think the venue can improve.