Dekkenet Al Falamanki: Bringing You Delicious Lebanese Village Traditions

Remember when you used to spend your summers in the village as a child, running down to the corner store to buy yourself a treat with your pocket money; with your mother’s voice ringing in your ear, “don’t forget the labneh for your dad’s breakfast and the vegetables for my tabbouleh!”

Dekkanet AL Falamanki has brought you that same corner store with all its charm, right in the heart of Beirut in AL Falamanki’s garden, a location that you have already grown to love.

By taking one step through the dekkané’s doors, the smell of spices will gently tickle your nose, the generous display of beans will urge you to grab a handful, and the fresh vegetables will thrill your vision.

Dekkanet AL Falamanki is not only a trip for the senses or a walk down memory lane, but also a boutique that caters to everyone’s palate, dedicated to Lebanon’s heritage.

You will not only find a varied selection of dairy produce, vegetables, bread, pastries and sweets; but you will also take pride in buying 100% natural and healthy ingredients that encourage the continuity of the traditional Lebanese methods of work.

Dekkanet AL Falamanki is a convenient agro-retail center, open every day all year round, whose main goal is to uphold Lebanon’s heritage and to help maintain the traditional methods of work.

Upon entering the store, you will find an extensive range of produce at your disposal; ranging from dairy products and vegetables to bread, pastries, sweets, and pantry books.

Here are some photos from the launching day, in which people from different Lebanese villages came together to serve Beirutis with the best traditional homemade goodness from their very own hands. It was like a traditional marketplace setting in the picturesque Falamanki gardens.