Cheers to Ganbei: the New Chinese Restaurant in Town


It’s always exciting to welcome a new restaurant to Beirut, but it’s especially exciting when Chinese food is involved! Located in the busy Mar Michael district, Ganbei Authentic Chinese Restaurant and Bar serves Chinese cuisine that is succulent, rich, colorful, and flavorful. Its Chef Zhang Wanxi has been working for 20 years in Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and now in Beirut, so you know you’re getting the real Chinese culinary experience. Using only the finest ingredients, the restaurant serves aromatic dishes that are harmonious and excellent in taste, and their specialty dishes are delicious and sizzling. There’s also a special premium bar with beer, wine and liquor, as well as an extensive wine and cocktail list. Ganbei means ‘Cheers’ in Chinese, used when toasting during social gatherings, and drinkers are expected to empty their glass in one sip! “Ganbei” to that!

Contact info : 01-571 511 Or 76-571 511