Zeid and the Wings and Pop Will Save Us at the Basement

Last Friday, the Basement saw a busy schedule of the best underground music in both the electronic world, and the non-electronic one.

The night started off early, at 9:00PM with Sima as the opening act. Sima is a rising composer and singer, with an album in the works revolving mainly around folk rock.

At 9:30 sharp, Pop Will Save Us performed for the dozens of clubbers present for the impressive band lineup. The genre of pop showcased is an unusual blend, that warranted several months to find the right formula. The combination of easy listening music that consisted of live instruments as well as electronic elements, coupled with a unique vocal talent, is indeed a new frontier in Pop being pushed right here in Lebanon’s underground scene.

Then, Zeid and the Wings took to the stage and performed singles from their latest album, such as “Hkini” and “Sah el Nom.” Though the four released singles were not the only treat, for several original songs that have yet to be released were also played. The band are renowned in the Lebanese underground scene for their extremely versatile style which can be anything from electro and rock, to arabic and even reggae! The Basement was indeed a fitting venue for their exceptional performance and the band is prepping a 16-track album that they are currently perfecting.