Yolanda Be Cool Drops In To Perform at Pier 7

Yolanda Be Cool was in Beirut for the weekend and made a stop at Pier 7 to perform a live DJ set which included their smash remix of “No Speak Americano”. The club was full of people enjoying the last busy weekend of the summer. I arrived a little late but was just in time to catch the end of DJ Trix on the one’s and two’s, followed by DJ Esper Paoli, DJ Godfather and DJ Joey. The Pier 7 acrobats made their usual appearance. A few guests went big ordering the largest bottle of Moët & Chandon, which were delivered VIP style from the acrobats up high. The resident Dancers performed a marvelous fully costumed tribute to Michael Jackson and special surprise “characters” showed up to the party. By characters I mean life size animals (see photos to know exactly what I mean). Pier 7 one of my favorite clubs in Lebanon as always did not disappoint!