The New WHITE Pre-Opening Party


One of Beirut’s number one nightspots, which was located downtown, has moved to Dora Seaside. As early as 10PM, people were lined up requesting entrance into the pure white palace.

A large life size Pringles backdrop, set up for guest to photograph in front of, was set to display the sponsor of the big night.

Upon entrance you are hit with two huge levels of WHITE! Couch, chairs, barstools, bar tops, tables, along with dozens upon dozens of wait staff decked out in pure white waiting to take drink orders.

White strobe lights glided through the sky to mark the arrival of this gorgeous rooftop. Four large circular lighting trusses hovered over the club. Each truss holding at least 10 light machines, creating a blue, white, and fuchsia light spectacle for club goers.

Highlight of the evening included a special guest performance by DJ Fedde Le Grand, who has signed an international contract to be the face of Pringles. He will DJ Pringles events all around the world. At 2AM ruffle panty wearing corset top rocking professional dancers welcomed Fedde Le Grand to the stage and continued shaking it for the crowd throughout the electronic pro’s powerful set.

WHITE has made for a name for itself in the past and that name will not soon fade.

BNLers meet us tonight for the BIG OPENING of the new WHITE located on Dora sea side, in the new premium nightlife created area.

More photos from the pre-opening night to come during the day.