A Little Rain? So What! White Beirut Opens for Summer


We Lebanese can have a great time no matter what the season or the weather, and that was the spirit at White Beirut’s opening night! The city’s party lovers celebrated the long-awaited opening of White for the summer season yesterday night, although the summer weather briefly left Beirut. Although it has been sunny and beyond beautiful for at least a month now, a few clouds crawled over Beirut on the day of the opening. Despite the rain drops, the White crowd had a blast sipping on their drinks and dancing to great tunes. Umbrellas were handed out to the party goers, making it one crazy, wet, bash under an unusually overcast Beirut sky. The White dancers performed a hot routine to really heat up the crowd agains the cool winds and the night was great fun.

This summer we’re expecting a ton of events, musical acts and artists to be coming to the venues to give those awesome performances we’ve gotten used to at the summertime rooftop venue on the Seaside highway. Against all odds, White pulled off yet another great opening party last night. It’s that special party spirit we’re used to at White Beirut. We cannot wait for and are really looking forward to a great summer season!