White Beirut Recaps a Season Full of Amazing Nights and Closes Its Rooftop for Winter

Girls, girls, girls! And plenty of them, at the closing of White for the winter season. All summer long night after night White Beirut was packed full of partygoers, which shows White is a guaranteed great night out. Resident DJ’s Bob, Rudebox, Devin, Jad and Elie killed it on the one’s and two’s, internationally known DJ’s frequently visited offering up unmatched sets, vocalists serenaded audiences while dancers hopped up on the center bar nightly adding extra entertainment for White guests.

Yes, the summer season was action packed! The closing event kept the action going with a crew of dancers decked out in non-other then white offering a special performance for the crowd. At every lounge uniquely dressed models were present making this a very beautiful closing party.

BNL would like to congratulate White on a truly incredible season and say thanks for all the great nights at White!