White Beirut Officially Opens Its Doors!

July 8th marked the official opening of White Beirut. The club had some competition being that it had to top its own killer pre-opening party the night before, which was a blast! (Check out BNL’s Pre Opening party coverage here!)

DJ opened up spinning electronic mixes incorporating some early 90’s club hits, which I loved! At about 1AM the lights dimmed, the weather cooled and it seemed as if the cocktails being served up started to hit guests. I say this because partygoers were now ALL on their feet dancing next to their tables and chairs.

Strobes and lights from the trusses hovering above the club flashed multi-colors, LED screen displayed stunning visuals and DJ Bob commenced dropping commercial, hip-hop and electronic beats. Hits ranging from Alexandra Stan “Mr. Saxobeat”, crowd favorite Armin Van Buuren’s “This Light Between Us” to westcoast favorites, including Cali’s anthem, 2Pac’s “California Love”.

Entertainment for the night included babes in bikini’s dancing on top of the main bar located in the center of the pure white rectangle. Lexter, performer and hype man, pumped the crowd up throughout the evening circling around the venue becoming one with the crowd and experiencing the club with the rest of us.

“This Is Beirut” blasted through the speakers causing  a spectacular audience  uproar.

Invitees were treated to complementary personalized photographs, premium  drinks and delectable sushi, which satisfied hunger that came from shaking it all  night long.

In a nutshell the White opening was complete with luxurious cars out front for  viewing pleasure, gorgeous elite guests and enjoyable entertainment.
BNL congratulates White Beirut on this amazing rooftop and Addmind for  bringing the best to the nightlife scene yet again!