A Wet Wet Wet Sunday at Rikky’z

I have got to hand it to Rikky’z for hosting the Mountain Beach Party, a concept and idea organized by Sport Evasion . The Sunday up in the mountains was a perfect way to escape the city heat without missing out on the city fun. The pool party up in Faqra came fully equipped with beautiful babes in bathing suits, free giveaways from top companies such as the main sponsor Ice-Watch, and fully OPEN food and drinks all day.

I walked in to find a packed pool party dancing to an upbeat commercial set put on by entertaining DJ’s Mak & Serge. All guests enjoyed free goodies from Ice-Watch. I myself grabbed an Ice-Watch bag complete with an Ice-Watch hat, t-shirt, bracelets, phone holders and more (thanks Ice-Watch)! Lucky guests also won colorful watches from the sponsor by participating in enjoyable contests. Akira was set up giving complimentary manicures to partygoers and Gitanes was also present passing out cigarettes throughout the day. I could tell that the open bar was a complete success as all guests were raging hard. The people in the pool were by far the rowdiest of the bunch splashing around, squirting water guns and dancing while submerged in H20.
Bartender Charbel exclaimed “Eza ken essme vodka l 3alam rah yechraboune!”
Wet wet wet at Rikky’z was a wild event to say the least.