West Coast DPG’s “DJ Jam” Pumped out Jams at Pier 7

Pier 7
transformed into the dog pound this week when they invited Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre’s official Dog Pound Gang DJ, DJ JamJam has toured all over the globe but has yet to visit Lebanon, until now of course. DJ Jam explained to the crowd that a friend of his informed him “people in Lebanon know how to party”. He was here to see if that tale was true. After a long night of partying DJ Jam was not at all disappointed. We Lebanese do know how to party!

DJ Jam started off with some sick freestyle scratching on his turntables. Decked out in SD gear representing San Diego he mixed the best in west coast anthems. I was born and raised in Los Angeles California so needless to say I love when performers come to Lebanon representing Cali! It seemed as though the crowd was just as excited as I was. Slight rain was no match for the Pier 7 partiers who danced and jumped around all night. The circular stage dead center of the coliseum was full of clubbers dancing in the rain. As a bonus CD’s were distributed as gifts to Pier 7 guests. The night proved on thing, both Cali and Lebanon know how to party!