Weekly Leaks: Next Week Add-mind is Bringing the Maddest Show to Beirut

Are you ready for the ultimate and freakiest club experience?! Week after week we have all gotten a little crazier at our favorite nightlife spot MAD…but this Thursday is going to be by far the wildest and maddest yet! BeirutNightLife.com is pleased and excited to announce that Add-mind is doing it again! This time, bringing in a wild show to remember, Cirque du Soir!

That’s right on March 22nd MAD will welcome a handful of cirque performers, an MC, drummer and DJs for a full night of epic proportions. We have gotten word that the wild bunch will perform three shows throughout the “I Love Thursdays” evening this coming Thursday at MAD.

I wonder what we are going to see…maybe flame dancers, tattooed ladies, freaks…. who knows what lunacy is awaiting behind MAD’s door this Thursday night. I for one can’t wait to find out. Be sure to book your spot to the Cirque du Soir extravaganza March 22nd, as tables are sure to be snagged up quickly.