WazWaz Night at Final Cut

A massive party celebrating what we Lebanese refer to street lifestyle as ‘wazwaz’ in an evening of imaginative setup and wild dress up codes in addition to a menu that fits the atmosphere. The venue, Final Cut, was decorated in everything that refers to ‘wazwaz’… Banners with creative sayings that street people use all the time to hit on women… dangling light cables and even the small motorcycle as well as motorcycle spare parts welcome the guests at the door.

People came in wearing the cheapest style looking clothes, men with floral shirts and pointy shoes, long pinky nail… while women wore leopard dresses, red lipstick with huge earrings… Everyone danced to a selection of music including the popular wazwaz song, “Do you love me do you do you…”

Everyone let go of all their ‘etiquette’ and released the wazwaz in them. It was a great party…