Vibe Production Presents Loca People at La Suite

One lyrical phrase has been sung, shouted, and mimicked all summer long. “Johnny, la gente esta muy loca! What the F*ck?!” Needless to say the party people of Lebanon were eager to sing along to the jam live with its creators. Vibes Production celebrated two successful years of event organizing by collaborating with NRJ to present SAK NOEL Live at Oceana La Suite.


Glow sticks were handed out at the door, two playstation consoles were set up for guests to game and Eristoff Vodka was present, promoted by two lovely ladies along side a gorgeous Husky dog. Guests enjoyed cooling off in the pool and sippin’ on cocktails at the bar. Sak Noel performed the hit and supplied additional beats backed by an arresting light show.

NRJ DJ’s Mini-B warmed up the night, Base followed, Dio & Rudebox closed out the night. Part of NRJ team was present to enjoy the evening of entertainment.

The loca people of Lebanon raged at Loca People La Suite!