Uruguay Street: Friday Night’s Fun in the Rain

Uruguay Street seems to be all that people are talking about lately. “It’s like European bars,” or “I feel like I’ve traveled abroad,” or “this is so original. It’s totally different from all the other nightlife spots in town.”
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it can only mean that you haven’t stopped by Downtown’s happening new pedestrian nightlife spot: Uruguay Street.

It is slowly becoming a favorite to many people, as the venues on this street fill up every night of the week. Friday night was no exception; rain or no rain, bars on Uruguay street like Zucca, Cassis, Patick’s, Tapas and Juleps were a full house.

The casual carefree setting, the light fun music and the cool brisk air were the perfect combination for a cheerful and amusing evening, filled with good vibes and happy hearts. If it was this much fun on Friday, I personally can’t wait to see how much more enjoyable it’s going to be in the coming weeks and months.

Join in the fun any night of the week and witness Beirut’s newest nightlife destination boom with energy.