Touring Monot Street

Before Gemmayzeh, Hamra and Mar Mikhail, there was one street that was synonymous with nightlife: Monot Street.

The street that highlighted the uncontrollable urge for Beirut to party has been going strong for well over a decade now, with some of Beirut’s premiere clubs, restaurants and bars choosing Monot for their venues. Despite troubles and unrest, Monot has remained a beacon for diverse clubbing and dining, and we at love to stay updated with Monot’s news, trends and of course, new and happening venues!

Last Saturday, Unique, Richello and Gold were all visited by our photographers who captured Lebanese and International clubbers reveling in live and DJ entertainment. Monot is not dead, contrary to what many would like you to believe, and going through it again all these years later proves how resilient the street is and how integral it is to our Lebanese nightlife. If you’re bored of Gemmayzeh every night, and in the mood for something more than Hamra’s ultra-laidback atmosphere, go to Monot, where clubbing and pubbing the way we’ve always liked it still flourishes.