Tour Hamra Hotspots with

I have said this before and I will say it again, Hamra is booming! Through out the hot summer season and now into cozy winter, Hamra is the place to be. The Hamra pub district is located adjacent to Beirut’s downtown bordering the American University of Beirut campus to the North, making it perfect for college kids to take a break or for anyone in the Beirut area to come out for a great hang session. This past week hit the Hamra streets, stopping in at three of our favorite bars. Check out the photos below for a taste of what Hamra is all about!

Feb. 30- An artistic one of a kind bar, with lots of room to mingle.

Danny’s- The classic pub all Hamra locals know about. 

Big Shot- Hiphop lovers unite! At Big Shot, Beirut’s first bar dedicated to Hiphop.