The Weekly Leaks: The New Annahar Rooftop Venue

For all you White fans, I’ll give you a moment to absorb the shock of the above image… Yup, that’s where White used to be, on the iconic Annahar Building’s rooftop. White is relocating to another venue though, which we will be leaking to you next Wednesday =)

This is not all bad news though, for Addmind, the guys behind White, Gem, Rococo and White Coast are planning to open a cocktail bar and restaurant in that same location: Iris.

As you can see, the venue has been completely stripped down, paving the way for Iris’ completely different look and feel.

It will be open as early as 6:30 PM, and you’ll be able to dine on fine international cuisine under the supervision of a French gourmet chef. Professional mixologists from different parts of the world will be brewing up your favorite cocktails, and of course, their specialty drinks.

The unrivaled view offered by Iris will be an ideal location to sip on your exquisite cocktail and enjoy your delicious meal, amidst the real trees and plants being planted, while mellow lounge music plays in the background.