The Weekly Leaks: Reports That SkyBar’s “The One” Project Scrapped

The information below is not accurate. Please go here for the corrected leak. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sky Bar is the world’s 51st best club according to DJmag’s Top 100 Clubs of 2010. It is also well-known in the world and the region as a premiere destination for international celebrities, jet-setters and all-round VIPs.

Names like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, David Guetta are just a glimpse of the acts and guests SkyBar caters for every summer, and getting a table in the 23+ super-club is often considered a privilege.

However, Sky Bar opens seasonally, usually from late May till early October. This 5-month period makes Sky Bar all the more exclusive, with only a handful of weekends available to experience the deluxe club.

The seasonality though was supposed to be overcome, with a brand new indoor winter venue a stone’s throw away from the current venue near BIEL. The project I’m talking about is “The One” and it was supposed to be as exclusive and glamorous as it’s summer-twin. The massive club would cater for some 1000 clubbers, mirroring the capacity of Sky Bar proper.

The same music, same lineup, same clientele but more opportunities to enjoy the Sky Bar experience. The extra 7 months were also bound to bring the Sky Bar privilege to more Lebanese people who otherwise would find it a hassle to try and secure a table in the summer venue.

All in all, it is a great idea for one of the world’s best clubs to become an round-the-year enterprise. Unfortunately, unofficial reports have indicated that “The One” has been scrapped, or at least postponed until further notice.

The Zaytunay Bay location, where the venue was set to open in December 2011, is on schedule, and as we leaked to you a few weeks back, all the lots and venues have been reserved by investors. The reasons behind the decision is not clear yet, and it is unsure if technical issues or fundamental ones are to blame.

All we can say is that this, if confirmed, is indeed troubling news for Beirut’s nightlife. With several pioneering nightlife projects underway in 2011, we can subtract probably the most promising one: The One. could not get comments from either parties involved, and we reiterate that even though our source is a trusted and tested one, this information could not be not verified by us personally.