The Weekly Leaks: Inside Harbor 201, Beirut’s New Red House

To us poor people who commute daily to Beirut, one project has captured our attention over the past few weeks. A building on Charles Helou Avenue has evolved from a run-down classical Lebanese house, to a beautiful, red, doll-house like building dubbed “the red house.” But, apart from the awesome transformation, we have all wondered what “Harbor 201” is. A night club? Boutique? Museum? Restaurant? Offices? Nope… It’s the newest, trendiest Restaurant-Lounge in town… With the grand opening TONIGHT!

I decided to pass by and see for myself today, and these pictures have been pulled off my camera a few minutes before this was published.

I must say, my first impression of the place is a posh, live entertainment venue. It’s a smaller, cozier Music Hall. It serves Asian cuisine and features daily, diverse live entertainment. Soft English, French and Arabic music including a full band and saxophone solos. A DJ is also on standby to fill in the gaps and of course keep the night going strong well into 3:00 AM.

I will leave you with the gallery below, which features the first pictures to be published of this brand new venue. I also promise you more in-depth coverage of tonight’s grand opening, with plenty of pictures and a video celebrating this new Beiruti venue.

Correction: It was previously stated Harbor 201 was part of Ghia Holding. This information was inaccurate, and we apologize for the misinformation. Thank you for understanding.