The Sunday Blues: Wanna Be Part of Red Bull’s F1 Pit Stop Team?


Well, the main reason I’m posting this because I myself am an AUBite and I’m very eager to see how this event rolls out. The guys at Red Bull flew in Mark Webber’s F1 car over the weekend, along with all the kit used at an F1 pitstop. The car will be touring several universities across Lebanon and on Monday March 7,the tyre-changing competition will debut at AUB from 12:00 PM till 2:00 PM, so, for all AUBites, see you there! (more inf0)


This Thursday, a couple of events seem worth your while and out of the ordinary bubble we are used to.

The first is in Jounieh’s new buzzing nightlife district, at Lush. Lush is bringing Retro back into style with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s being mashed up by Moses. There is no entrance fee to this event, but, you do have to reserve beforehand. (Read M0re)

The second is a roundup tribute of prominent Lebanese bands at Nova Sin El Fil. The bands include several metal bands such as Weeping Willow, Blood Ink and Kaetoen. Entrance is free and you can request any song you want (more info)


Bank Batroun is Batroun’s most famous club. The huge venue with the traditional Lebanese decor and double-bars is a well-known hotspot in Lebanon’s North, and the birthplace of Decadance, where MixFM’s Rodge showcases music of ALL genres in an exceptionally talented mashup. You might like to explore this beautiful part of Lebanon and spend the night reminiscing (more info)


Lavish Gemmayzeh will be bringing in 4 tons of snow straight from Faraya and dumping it inside the club for the second time in a month. Why drive all the way up to the snow, when the snow is right here at your doorstep? Call 03054746 to find out more

Eargasm’s legendary House and RnB Night is always a safe bet for an exclusive, fun night out in Beirut’s prestigious Metis. This Saturday is no different, with a brilliant blend of crisp RnB music with delectable House tracks in a crowd-pleasing atmosphere (more info)


Open bar, open salad bar, open barbecue, Dj’s, acrobat shows, motorbikes shows, 50USD/person. Need I say more? If so, read more here.