The Sunday Blues Extended-Weekend Edition

For most of us, Sunday was the start of the weekend, not its end. With Monday and Tuesday off, the Blues are starting to settle today, compelling us to publish this after you’d had your phone and before you’re back to the vicious routine.

We’re gonna focus on the non-electronic and non-house music scene this week, maybe explore the places and events we wouldn’t normally go to based on the house music trend in recent years.


When the word “Karaoke” comes to mind, you often think of a rundown restaurant trying to attract business on a slow day, or a friend’s playstation with microphones plugged into singstar with voices that make you cringe… I-bar in DownTown Beirut though is holding a Karaoke night every Wednesday, and in a posh club environment, with quality sound and display, you could essentially sing your heart out without breaking glass or rupturing eardrums. So, why not book a nice table, have a few drinks and sing your favorite songs. And for those of you who are not thrilled about vocal exercises, DJ Black Ice will take over the music once everyone’s had their 15-minutes of micro-fame! (info and reservations)


Dancing is often reduced to very simple, uninspiring and unprovocative moves. Maybe sometimes overly provocative and trashy. The fine art of dancing does still flourish in some places though, and Jeff Hanna’s dance group is doing just that at Lakay in Gemmayzeh. Read up on what we covered at Lakay here a few days ago and get an idea about what to expect (info and reservations)


A year on, and the lovedough is still baking hot. Beirut’s longest-running RnB night, with headlining names from the UK spinning the most delectable urban culture music straight from the Ministry of Sound’s Milkshake, is happening every Friday. The glitzy parties are a perfect entry on your Friday night, with the Monot Club always packed and ready to shift and grind with the dancers, MCs and DJs. (info and reservations)


The week of non-electronic music might be a nice change, but come on, we all need our house-music fix. The perfect way to do that is to dilute it with some RnB in a top-notch club like Metis. The exclusive guest-list and diversified performances with the Eargasm team hold a surprise ever Saturday. With nothing major in town, the Eargasm Saturdays are your best choice in terms of a fun Saturday night, with a blend of your favorite genres of music bringing the weekend to a satiating end as you await our next Sunday Blues! (info and reservations)