The Sunday Blues: Cultural Meets Underground

As I always says, our options for nocturnal activities seem too limited sometimes. Either food or a pub. But, there’s so much more happening in Beirut, with diverse and original venues and events that will be sure to keep you busy and entertained throughout another week of work or classes.

We’re focusing on the cultural and underground, laying off the RnB and glam for a change.


Jazz is a world many Lebanese are deeply immersed in. Unfortunately, they’ve kept it largely to themselves and a handful of events every now and then. Well, that’s no longer the case, thanks largely to Razz’zz Music Club. This enchanting venue is always bustling with live acts full of passion and soul. This Wednesday, Deborah Davis Sings will be performing, with Deborah on vocals, Arthur Satyan on piano, Makram Abou el Hosn on acoustic bass and Foud Afra on drums. So, why not go out this Wednesday night, have dinner at Razz’zz and get serenaded by the vocal talents of an international jazz music sensation (more info)


Al Bustan Festival is arguably Lebanon’s most seasoned and sophisticated festival, bringing the country the world’s finest acts and performances based on quality, diversity and content, not just stadium-fillers. As part of the festival, The Sofia Soloists And Lone Madsen will be at Hotel Al Bustan this Thursday February 25. On the menu will be Mozart, Chaikovsky and Telemann by the Sofia Solosits, and Lone Madsen’s avant-garde clarinet performance, a practice that has put her in the upper echelons on European musicians. (more info)


After an exceptionally cultural week, the weekend should restore the much-loved electronic status-quo. That’s why you might want to head down and party with Nick Warren at B018. As part of the MixFM club night series, renowned international DJ Nick Warren will be spinning at Lebanon’s most infamous club and the world’s #68. (more info)


Wonderbar’s underground rep has become a formidable one, and it is one of Beirut’s favorite afterhours clubs. This Saturday, an Emirati House Music Label, Raisani, is setting up shop in the port-area club. Haneef Raisani, the “Middle East’s House Godfather” will be rocking Beirut as part of his world tour. So, Wonderbar with Raisani might be a good option for everyone bored of the regular Saturday spots. (more info)