The Basement’s Last RnB Dance

There have been a lot of “lasts” in the past few weeks at the Basement in Beirut.

The legendary underground club will close its doors forever on January 9, 2011. That’s why the Basement and its fans are partying as hard as they ever have, making the most of the club before moving on to what the future holds for the Basement Movement.

Juicy productions presented “The Candy Shop” at the Basement on December 6, with a packed venue full of revelers that want to experience the Urban music lifestyle in a setting famous for its focus on the music and dancing with no excuses!

The final hip hop event at the Basement might very well have been the best too. Everyone there was part of Lebanese nightlife history, and apart from enjoying a night of quality clubbing, will always have an “I was there” moment for years to come