The Basement’s First Reunion

After 33 very long days with no Basement, The Basement and its fans were reunited in what is to be a string of reunions before the launch of The Basement’s new project.

Jade and Diamond Setter took to the decks at one of Beirut’s cultural hubs, the Art Lounge. This art gallery/lounge/cafe/party venue was the perfect setting for The Basement’s music and visuals.

Some 200 clubbers danced away through the night, with world-renowned VJing being projected on a screen, reminiscent of the “Dome” parties during la Fete de la Musique. Videos of Dumbo’s dreams, never-ending tunnels and bridges and physic-defying feats merged in clubbers’ brains with the mind-blowing audio, creating the substance-free high that defines the Basement.

A Basement night is not complete without a Freddy’s Hotdog after you’re done dancing, and for one night only, Freddy’s had a stand erected at the door of the Art Lounge, creating a true reunion of all things Basement-related

Next reunion is in two weeks! Details soon =)