The Terrace at Urban Faqra is Now Open with Delicious Hearty BBQ and More

Escape the summer heat by heading to Urban in Faqra. Enjoy a cool summer day surrounded by the perfect elements of coziness and warmth that is Urban. This new restaurant bar defines the Faqra experience; rugged yet refined, casual and homey yet purposefully elegant, Urban is a welcome contradiction. Ironically enough, it offers a quiet retreat from hectic city life with good food, a wonderful view, and small town hospitality. To top it all off the terrace is open during this lovely summer season. The terrace at Urban will have an exquisite live BBQ station for food lovers to indulge in.   

Urban is the latest brainchild in the ever-growing Addmind family, the mother company behind White, Iris, and MAD. Built on rocky terrain and far away from the chaos of the city, it is the place to casually wind down to indulge in a warm meal, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Suitable for both family getaways and weekends with friends, Urban is far more than just another lodge added to Faqra’s repertoire. It is first and foremost a restaurant bar that just so happens to have 8 cozy guest rooms should you get too lazy to make the winding drive back home. urges you to bask in the tranquility that is Urban and we will see you on the terrace!