Taxi Night 8 at Sky Bar

The eighth installment of Kunhadi’s “Taxi Night” at Sky Bar, witnessed many supporters and clubbers showing up for either dinner or a couple of drinks as part of their dedication to this cause.

Kunhadi is a non-governmental organization that strives to promote road safety and awareness. Taxi night is a party concept where clubbers are not allowed to come to the venue in their own cars, but in a cab that Kunhadi will provide on the organization’s own expense. The hope is to encourage clubbers to take a cab while clubbing to avoid drunk driving: the number two cause behind most car accidents in Lebanon.

Apart from dozens of Lebanese socialites and prominent members of the entertainment, sports and public administration industries, the guest of honor was his Excellency Minister of Interior Affairs and Municipalities Mr. Ziad Baroud accompanied by Chief Executive of the agency tasked with regulating traffic, Mr. Farjallah Srour.

The noble cause and initiative were not the only bright side of the night however.Fireworks and confetti lighting up the sky, as the music got more intense. Fady on percussions added a special twist to the night, giving the bassy beats a traditional Lebanese feel as gorgeous dancers lined the bar.

The cherry on top was the classic collaboration that Michael Jackson made famous “We Are the World”, fused with the latest version produce after the King of Pop’s death, playing as everyone  got a firework stick to wave around as they sang.

Overall, the night was yet another success in Kunhadi’s relentless, and successful, campaign to increase awareness and road safety in Lebanon. After all, our enthusiasm and joie-de-vivre lifestyle should not endanger our safety and the safety of others. So, please, drink responsibly and always take a cab when unable to drive.