Above and Beyond TATW400 Beirut – Official Film on Above and Beyond TV

The 2006 conflict in Lebanon effected lots of people. Above & Beyond and their fans are bringing awareness about this by featuring stories told by an Above & Beyond fan and Beirut inhabitant Antoine, a biomedical engendering student who is passionate about the country as well as TATW400 and making a difference.

Lebanese citizens are all attempting to put the war behind them in order to move forward but traces of the battles remain. The storytellers urge us to “smile about it because we want to move on”.

Through music and the Above & Beyond event young adults can escape for a moment. In this video, youthful generation intellectuals are speaking up about the country and more while traditional video clips including family moments and old war building play in the background.

This touching story leads to a place where people in Beirut can just let go, the Above & Beyond TATW400 concert event. Concertgoers are pumped for the epic party event where political and religious difference are put aside for a harmonious evening of Trance music.

Since the war, Beirut has been moving forward. Everyone in the country shares excitement for the future. Keep walking Lebanon!