Superstars Melhem Zein and Najwa Karam Give Faqra a Night to Remember

There are two oriental music singers who are not your run of the mill, rise up out of no where pop stars, they are extraordinary talents that will one day be called legends. Of course I am referring to Najwa Karam and Melhem Zein. These two superstars teamed up to put on a night of live performances to remember, in the lovely and cool area of Faqra. 

Najwa Karam, the beautiful multi-platinum, best-selling Arab female Recording artist and Ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, who has sold over 50 Million records worldwide took the stage with elegance and poise, as she sang her most loved hits with the mix of traditional and contemporary Arabic Music, which she is known for. Melhem Zein, the very well known pan-Arab singer with his most powerful yet smooth voice, serenaded the large audience in Faqra. was at the show snapping photos and of course enjoying the star-studded event.